Monday, May 05, 2008

Slow Tools

As I mentioned in a previous post, I took the Holgas and film to Mexico City. I thought I'd shoot a lot of film. Not the case. We were moving too fast and there were four of us, although two of us were photographers. And of course, the centro in Mexico City is a fast moving place too.

The Holga is a slow tool. And I was reminded once again that for me photography is a solitary pursuit. When I look back at all the work that makes me happy, it wasn't street shooting. It was when I could wander and observe and kind of get into some kind of flow. I think a slow walk through Colonia Condesa or Roma in DF might work with the Holga. Maybe next time.

This image was made one day in Parque Juarez when I just headed out the door with the Holga and no agenda.


Steve Cotton said...

Great photograph. And I know what you mean. In Brazil, Spain, and Portugal, I was traveling with people who amble while touring. But I realized it was still too fast for me. I wanted to stop. To observe. To frame. Get the flow. Get the photograph. Instead, I always felt rushed. Real rushed.

I guess that is why I like to tour on my own.

gloria said...

Nice, Billie!

Wendy said...

Your Holga photos are magnificent. I will be getting one (a Holga) before I leave for SMA shortly. Which modifications would you recommend? Which printers do you like--for color and for B@W?

Thanks for the stunning pictures.

Billie said...

Wendy, Thank you. I buy my Holgas from I get the standard modification with flocking. I do my own printing using an Epson 4000 printer.