Thursday, April 17, 2008


I remember back in the old days (like back in the early 90's) while on a trip in Oaxaca I was so excited to see what looked like lighted cones being used at a road construction site. But as we got closer, I realized that they were yellow plastic buckets that were turned over on a string of light bulbs and the buckets had rocks on the top of them to keep them from getting knocked over in the wake of a fast traveling truck. But that was progress over just putting rocks in the road to warn travelers of danger. So many things have been modernized in Mexico in the last 15 or so years.
This cherry picker truck clearing tree limbs from over the electric lines belongs to CFE (The Electric Company). Ned saw the truck on his way to the gym this morning and he called me on his cell phone. I grabbed the camera and walked over to Allende.

This is News! We can remember three years ago when CFE came through our neighborhood and had men climbing up in the trees with machetes to chop off limbs. The result was the tree was left with splintered limbs.

Now we have a cherry picker with double buckets and the men are wearing hard hats and safety gear. Mexico is Modernizing!


Babs said...

Good heavens, its time to head for the the sound of the coconuts falling from the trees as the kids chop them down. I can't stand it..........

harvestmoon said...

We just got lighting on our carretera. It is SO NICE to see in the dark, I can't tell you. What an amazing concept - lighted roads at night! Each and every time I see the lights I giggle with glee.

But what is wrong with the guys in your picture? What oddities are on their heads? :)

I'm so glad John linked your blog in his and I've found it again!