Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mexican Houses and Maintenance

In Mexico, at least our part of Mexico, we live in houses made of brick, concrete and tile. You would think that upkeep on these houses would be minimal. Not true. This month we have had the exterior of the house repainted for the second time in 6 years, put on new toilet seats, repaired a plumbing leak, had the landscaper back to repot plants that have outgrown their containers and refresh the terrace gardens. The painter is coming back to put on some more impermeabilizante where water is seeping into the wall. We have a spot on the wall that we aren't sure what is causing it but in order to investigate it may mean taking the cabinet off of the wall to see what is happening behind it. This could mean carpenters, albanils and painters. The fish pond needs some attention. The tree trimmer is coming to cut back the fushia bougainvillea that grows up the wall of the patio. The locksmith has been here to fix a couple of locks. Who knows what next month will bring.

And besides the maintenance, we are still gradually adding to or changing the furnishings. Ned just can't understand why I don't just go buy stuff and finish decorating the house. I don't want to do that. It is more fun to have some ideas of what you want and always be looking for it. When you see it, you KNOW....this is it!

For example, I have been thinking that a bar height table and swivel chairs would be a nice addition to the terrace over the studio. It would be a good place to sit and have a drink in the late afternoon and look over the city as the lights gradually come on. I've looked but just didn't like what I saw. Would you believe that when we were at Home Depot buying the toilet seats, there was the perfect table and chairs. Done Deal! They were delivered Tuesday and as you can see in the picture they look great on the terrace. Of course they bring another project....cushions for the chairs.


pitchertaker said...

Just think! We had to lean on our elbows with drinks placed besides us on the top of the wall to enjoy that late afternoon talk with Margaret and Jose.


harvestmoon said...

When did San Miguel get a Home Depot??? We finished our palapa last summer but are constantly doing one thing or another. Now I need a ladder to finish painting the back (outside) wall. No, it never ends. :)

Billie said...

Frank, when you come back, I think you will find the new arrangement more comfortable.

Harvestmoon, we still have to go to Celaya or Queretaro for a Home Depot. But with the way the town is growing, I would not be surprised to start getting rumors about SMA getting a Home Depot. This town is ripe with rumors of every kind.

harvestmoon said...

Ah, Celaya. Home of cajeta. :) Love the churches there. And Costco, where I finally got contact lenses.