Monday, April 28, 2008

Empty Handed

We'll be going back to Texas before too long and I can't go empty handed. I have to take back some prints to show my photography friends so they will know I'm not retired from photography. Interesting, as I looked through what I had shot since I saw most of them in the Fall, the only images that I wanted to print were Holga images. So far I've printed 17 images and I have a few more that I want to print. So I figure that I'll have about 25 images printed and maybe narrow that down to about 15 when I actually bring out the portfolio box.

While I don't shoot with the Holga everyday, I do shoot fairly often with it. My success ratio isn't great. It is pretty intimidating when you have a friend who goes on a trip and in six days comes back with about 40 great images and makes a hand-made book in a little over a month. Want to take a look at Frank Armstrong's book Road Sides.

But before we take off for Texas, we are heading down the road to Mexico City. Check out some museums, some restaurants. I'm taking a couple of Holgas and lots of film. I'm challenged to see what I can do in a couple of days.


pitchertaker said...

Well this one is certainly a winner.


Mexico Cooks said...

Hi Billie,
Yesterday (4/28) I sent you an email to your Yahoo account. I'm having some email problems and just wondered if you'd received it.