Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holga Frame of Mind

Sunday we went out in the country to San Miguel Viejo. I say out in the country but it is probably 3 miles out of town but it is out in the country. The community was having a festival.

I took the Holga for an outing. This is the first time I've used it this year, probably the first time I've used it for four months. The Holga is a different camera. It takes a while to get into the Holga frame of mind in looking for subject matter and for reconnecting with the mechanics of using it. Then there is film to scan and right now the enemy of film scanning is everywhere....DUST. I think that even when I changed film, dust managed to settle inside the camera. But still, sometimes the Holga will give you some magic. On Sunday it only gave me a peek or two at the potential magic it has inside but it was enough that I'm carrying it out again really soon.

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pitchertaker said...

At'a girl. Now that you're not hobbled any longer, get out there and make some magic with that Holga.....