Saturday, March 08, 2008

Are the Skies Really that Blue?

Sometimes people who see some of my photographs in San Miguel ask me if the skies really are that blue. The answer is, yes, the skies are that blue most of the time in San Miguel.

When I walked by this house, I stopped in amazement at the colors. I stood there for several minutes and then took a few pictures. There were some workmen near by and they looked at me and then looked at the casa probably wondering what in the world I saw that was interesting enough to stop me in my tracks and then to make some photographs.

By the way, this photograph is how the image came from the camera. Nothing was done to it except to straighten some lines and add some sharpening. The color is as the color was. Simply amazing.

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John W said...

Yeah, Billie. The skies really are that blue. Theother place I remember seeing skies that color was in the Sierra Nevada in California. I have great memories of backpacking there when I was a kid. Maybe that's part of why San Miguel feels so good to me. I often tell people the climate here is like Lake Tahoe is in the summer.