Thursday, February 28, 2008

Exploring Again

I'm walking, walking, walking although somewhat fearfully and carefully watching where I'm walking but it is wonderful to be out and on my own.

Today I didn't have a destination, I just headed toward Ancha de San Antonio and I took a camera with me. Just the little Canon G9. I've walked this path so many times with a camera and although I was looking for something that would catch my eye, nothing did. I went to Armida Furniture Store and wandered around, another store across the street, crossed the street again and went into the Instituto.

I don't know why the Instituto always gets me to use the camera but it does. It is an old colonial building. Now it has been partitioned into several venues but the main courtyard remains intact. There are some galleries and cafes under the old porticos. I've photographed these chairs and tables at this cafe with the Canon 5D, the Holga and now with the G9. Anytime I go in with a camera these curvy modern chairs and metal tables just intrigue me. They did again today. I love the way the circles and semi-circles repeat across the image and somehow these colors feel good to me.

By-the-way, there is a new cafe, Mi Casa, opening in March in the old restaurant space on the back patio facing the Parroquia. At least there is a sign in the front announcing the opening in March and there is furniture in the space but you never know for sure until it actually happens.


pitchertaker said...

"I walkin'
Yes indeed, I walkin'...."



Ty said...

So glad you're mobile and out shooting. I'm looking forward to seeing you and Ned tomorrow night at Joe's.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Found your blog by accident .. looking for pics of Xocchel.

Just a comment on the photo of the tables and chairs .. "modern" ? .. Haha .. very retro and 50's style, I thought. .. Then I scrolled down and saw that great pic of Gary with the telephone .. sitting on a chair of the same era, with that same appealing 'curvy' look (the chair, not Gary !)

Anyway, great to have seen your photos. And, I agree, there's something very appealing in the colour and the curves in that 'modern' furniture ! lol

All the best.

A total stranger .. Suzanne.