Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week One of the Broken Ankle Story

So far so good.....not that it isn't difficult for both of us. It is a big problem when you can't carry anything because you are on crutches. If it will go around my neck or in a pocket, I can move a thing from one place to another but something like a glass of water....forget about it. No way to hold it and the crutches at the same time. I keep having to ask Nurse Ned to get this or that for me.

However, this past week I think we have figured out where things need to go to make both of our lives easier. Medicine and vitamins are on the dining room table. My clothes are in the downstairs bedroom. My toiletries and makeup are in the downstairs bathroom. I've figured out how to get a shower/bath and still keep the cast dry. But the most wonderful thing that has happened is what you see above, a bed in the studio.

After breakfast I haul myself up the stairs to the studio. This haul is more of a crawl because I dare not attempt it with the crutches. When I get up here I don't want to go back down until the evening but not having anyplace to stretch out and elevate my leg was exhausting and a problem. Wonderful Nurse Ned, borrowed this folding cot that has an air mattress on it and now I'm so happy and comfortable. When I get tired or my ankle feels like it might be swelling I just crutch over to the cot and rest for a bit.

Nurse Ned has gotten some relief from the cooking because several friends have delivered food for us. Delicious food. What a treat and so much help. And it is also nice just to know people care.


Anonymous said...

It is really great how people help one another in Mexico. If we are sick neighbors always bring food over - amazing in this day and age.


Charles Hall said...

Hi Billie... Isn't there a saying, Necessity is the mother of all invention? I hope your ankle heals quickly... You might think about keeping the cot as a permanent item in the studio. It looks really cozy in there. A twenty minute nap every once in a while does wonders for my creativity.

Billie said...

Charlie, I've been looking for 2 years for a daybed or chaise lounge for the room. I think I need to look harder because I agree that it is nice to take a little break and stretch out. Maybe it lets more blood get to the brain or something. Hahaha.