Friday, January 04, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Did you know that before 1940 very few homes had central heat of any kind? Some of my readers born after 1950 might not know that but it is true. I grew up in homes that used space heaters in the winter. I can remember sleeping under piles of quilts and in the mornings dreading getting out of bed to face the cold even though my Father would have lit all the heaters. Still there was the dash from the bed to hover in front of the heater holding up your clothes so that they would not be so icy when you put them on your body. Or, just standing in front of the heater with shoulders scrunched up to your ears trying to stay warm on at least one side of your body. The kitchen was always the warmest place in the house.

Now here I am in my golden years doing the same thing......We don't have central heat in our San Miguel house. So in the Winter mornings I snuggle deep under the warming blanket while my dear husband gets up and fires up the heater in the bedroom and bathroom. After I think the chill has the edge taken off, I dash into my clothes. Across the patio, Ned also lights the fireplace in the living area and in the studio. We keep doors closed from one room to the next to save the heat. After breakfast on a cold morning the fireplace in the living area is turned off but I keep the studio fireplace going all day. The studio is one room in the house that is nice and toasty.

We don't have to do the fireplace routine very many days here because San Miguel's weather is mostly mild but this is winter and Baby, it's cold outside. The potential for cold is usually from about the middle of December to the middle of February and usually we will have a cold night (45-65 degrees) and the days will get warm.

But we seem to have brought a cold snap with us from Austin. All the way from the border to San Miguel we had strong cold winds following us. Pozos, which is about 40 minutes away had snow in the surrounding mountains. The wind has died down and outside the sun is shining but if you get in the shade, it is still cold. Last night we suffered with low temps of 42 degrees on our patio and today it is only 58 degrees according to the patio thermometer. I know that those of you shoveling snow are laughing but that's okay. I'm cozy with my fireplace blazing away in the studio.


Jonna said...

I hear you Billie! It's even cold down here in the south. We've got the down comforter on the bed and we were even blasting the heater in the jeep yesterday. What global warming?

pitchertaker said...

Ah, I see you got a chilly reception upon return from NOB. No worries.....and yes, I am laughing because last night here in central MA, it was 4F when I went to bed (68F everywhere inside the house, BTW). And as you may remember, when it gets that cold the dew point is below zero -- so dry that the snow and ice evaporate. The driveway was almost clear of what little the snowblower left behind after the last clearing. But like you I was raised in East Texas in the 30's and 40's when the only heat was from a gas heater in each room that had to be lighted every morning. Happy to see you are home safe and sound after your Christmas ventures north.


CancunCanuck said...

Hi Billie,
I found you through Wayne on Isla Mujeres, nice to read you. We're freezing in Cancun too, I've been dreaming of space heaters. Four blankets on the bed and a two year old plucked from his into ours to steal his body heat. :)

Cynthia said...

Hope it's warmed up. I know how cold it can feel there, much like Houston on a cold day.