Sunday, December 02, 2007


The other day in the car, I was telling Ned about my menu for a girl's brunch I'm giving. I talked about Chilaquiles with tomatillo verde and also about another casserole that is similar but with a red sauce.

Ned asked, "Do they have eggs in them?"

"No, just tortillas, cheese, chicken and sour cream and either a green or red salsa."

"I thought Chilaquiles had what is that breakfast thing with eggs?"

"I can't think of anything like that," I answered.

The conversation moved on to other things. We finished our shopping and we were headed home.

Suddenly, I looked at him and said, "Migas."


"Migas. That is the breakfast thing that I use to order that had eggs and tortillas in it."

Does your brain do stuff like this? You just draw a blank but then sometime later it suddenly downloads the information.


1st Mate said...

My brain downloads are slower when my memory bank is overloaded. Or at least that's my excuse. Now I'll have to google a recipe for migas.

S. said...

LOL. Maybe you need to upgrade to a better connection, like DSL, so you can download things faster. ;) My brain does that all the time as well.

Billie said...

1st mate....I use to say that my brain was overloaded and so it just "dumped" some of the information so it could overwrite the space.

S.....I've been looking for a better connection. So far I haven't found it.