Friday, November 23, 2007

Portraits from the Yucatan

On our trips to the Yucatan, we always stopped in Hoctun. At first I didn't have much luck photographing people but everytime we went back, I'd take back some of the photographs I made the last time. After a while the people working in the Mercado trusted me and when I asked permission they would pose for me. These two images were made in January 1998.


wayne said...

The second photo of the family...did you pose them like that or did that just happen naturally. It is a great picture. See what you can do when you read the manual! LOL! (teasing back!)

OralePues said...

Thanks for stopping by Orale, Pues to comment on why you blog!

My absolute favorite book with photos of Yucatan is "The Modern Maya" by Macduff Everton. It's out of print, I believe, but beautiful! There are actually quite a few sections on my husband's village with photographs from the 70s and 80s. The in-laws were so surprised (as was I) to see a picture of an uncle preparing for a rain ceremony years ago.

I'd love to see more pictures of Yucatan on your blog!

Billie said...

oralepues, I have Macduff Everton's book and I love it too. We have traveled a lot in Yucatan and I have more photos at:

I still have more images to scan and put up on flickr. Which village is your husband from?