Saturday, October 27, 2007

Veterinarian Bills

We thought Taylor, our Cocker Spaniel, was just getting deaf. After all, he hasn't been a puppy for a long time and maybe he was just getting older. But then we realized that his ears were swollen and tender. So off to see Dr. Edgardo Vazquez, Taylor's veterinarian.

Dr. Vazquez examined Taylor with care and tenderness since his ears were swollen. He said his ear canals were inflamed and usually this happens due to a change in diet or too much protein in the diet which dogs do not tolerate as well as they get older. The diet hasn't changed but Dr. Vazquez said maybe it was time to switch him to a Senior diet and cut out his Saturday morning egg. The Senior diet isn't going to bother Taylor but losing out on his Saturday morning egg is going to make him sad.

He gave Taylor a shot for inflammation and a shot of antibiotic. He gave us ear drops and antibiotics to give him for seven days. We bought a sack of Senior dog food. And of course, there was the examination.

What would all of this cost in the USA?

Here it was about $65 US dollars.


pitchertaker said...

We left Sadie at the vet while we were visiting you and Ned -- they did surgery to remove her bad eye and then boarded her for seven days. Total fee including two medications, surgery, and boarding was $425....I thought that was extremely reasonable.


Brenda said...

Hope Taylor gets better quickly.

wayne said...

I just took Simon my cat to the Vet today. He had an inflammed trachea. Exam, three shots and medicine for a week later we were out of there. Cost? About $25 US. Nice.

Jonna said...

We had Cocker's for many years. They are famous for these ear problems probably because their ears keep air from circulating. My Snookie had to have an ear drum removed late in her life as they couldn't stop the infection.

It is a lot of hassle and not very pleasant but if you really get in the ear with cotton and keep them very clean and dry it will help. Don't try to do it until the infection is cleared and the swelling is gone or it will hurt him too much. Google Cocker Ear and I'll bet you get a lot of hits.

We were told to use alcohol, cotton balls and a hemostat to really get in and get all the gunk and wetness out every day for the rest of her life. Also, if you shave down below the ears so that more air can get in it will help.

Snookie was 14 when she died, she was completely deaf by then and almost blind but she could 'smell' a kibble hit the bowl in the next room. She ran around and only had problems when we moved the furniture. Cockers are wonderful friends, they just need help with ear maintenance.

Gin said...

Our perra, too has ear problems due to floppy ears. It's become chronic. Our vet recommended washing the ears and using an ear drop he left with us. It works her ear is much better, although she hates the treatment. But agrees to get a cookie afterwards, LOL. I too, love the Mx vet prices and the housecalls.