Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stuff on Blogs

I mentioned in my previous post about how, for me, making an image into a print is important. It closes the circle so to speak. And would you believe that in bloggersphere, several other people are writing about those same thoughts. Mike Johnson had a piece on his blog about technical style and it included this statement:

Also, I haven't broached the subject of printing and how it affects image preparation. In a way, printing provides discipline, because it brings experimentation to an end—to hit the print button, you've got to decide what you're going to do to the image, but you also need to have reached the point where enough is enough and you're done.

Howard Grill on his blog wrote this calling the Print the Gold Standard:

But, for me, the most important end product is still the print…..the tangible, mountable, frameable, and ‘hangable’ hard copy print. There is still something special about being able to experience, examine and even pick up an image that carries with it the unwritten statement that it is the final common expression of an idea; that it is the best output that the artist was able to achieve. Simply put, there can be no question that the print is the way the artist meant for the image to be seen......

It is really funny how ideas or inventions or stuff on blogs sometimes surface from multiple locations at the same time.

The image at the top? Yes I've printed it but I don't think it is the final print. I'll put it up on Flickr or here on the blog because cyberspace seems to ephemeral, so momentary, but I don't think I'm ready to say that it is the "best output" I can achieve and release it as a print.


wayne said...

The photo today is absolutely riveting. I just stared and stared at it. At first I was going to ask you for the story behind it and the one from the other day. But upon reflection, I think I would rather make up my own story! I guess that is one of the things about good photos, they make one think.

Billie said...

Wayne, You made my day. Thank you. I think the story you make up will be a lot more interesting than the reality. Go for it.

Howard Grill said... is funny and I have noticed that with several topics. I actually wrote that piece while I was waiting for my daughter to finish a guitar lesson and then posted it without having had the chance to look at many blogs lately as things have been quite busy around here. Then when I happen to get a chance to try and see what other blogs I read have been talking about it turns out just like you can everyone be thinking about the same topic at the same time....wierd