Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane

I've been living life in the fast lane for the last few weeks and I'm not ready to exit yet. Lots of photography, lots of friends, lots of festivals, and lots of new things happening. This is all good although some days it leaves me wondering about my sanity.

Yesterday was a first......and I know that those of you who live in San Miguel will wonder at this.....but it was the first time we went to the Tuesday Market. Now I'm not sure why I haven't gone before. The Tuesday Market is a huge sprawling market with anything and everything you might want laid out in stall after covered stall. There isn't any "arrangement" of things. The shoes are next to the fresh fish. The hardware is next to undies. The dried beans are next to garden plants. Yes, of course I took some photographs!

Yesterday I got back 10 rolls of developed film from the Holga. All I've had time to do is put them in sleeves and scan this one image from last Saturday.

Yesterday we also went to the Fair (like a county fair in the USA). I shot five rolls with the Holga which I'll take in today to be processed. They love me at the photography lab! I shot some with the digital camera once the light dropped too low for the Holga. I have so many images to work with right now that I'm kind of overwhelmed with it all but making images seems to come in waves for me so I'm sure that I'll have time later on.

Today I'm going to shoot some still life with some pomegranates that I bought yesterday at the Tuesday Market. I've had some ideas that I wanted to try out. The pomegranates are just about over their peak so I have no choice but to do it today.....along with a lot of other things on my list.
Sometimes when people ask me what I do with my time in San Miguel, I don't even know where to start.

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Cynthia said...

Hi Billie,

Sounds like you recharged your batteries in Houston. Love seeing your photos and reading about all that is happening in SMA.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon!