Friday, October 19, 2007

Hospital Angeles de Queretaro

For a long time we have heard about the Angeles Hospital in Queretaro and this week we found it. We had to find it because I needed to see a doctor who is located in the office building joined to the Hospital. Wow, I'm impressed. It all looks well run and maintained. This was the doctor's office.....just like in the USA, a place to check in and uncomfortable seating. But what was different is that we were not asked for insurance cards or asked to fill out four pages of questions about our health, then asked to sign waivers, declarations of confidentiality, or limits of liability. We just checked in at the desk and waited for our time to see the doctor in his office. Can you imagine not being stuck in a tiny cramped exam room while you wait. It was pretty nice. The doctor was personable and he asked the right questions as he typed his notes on his computer.

I like this better than Hospital de la Fe here in San Miguel where there is just one long waiting room for all the doctors. At de la Fe I feel like I'm sitting in a bus station waiting room. Some of my friends have been quite happy with the medical care that they have received at Hospital de la Fe but it just doesn't inspire me with confidence because it doesn't look like what this gringa expects a hospital or doctor's office to be.

I'm scheduled to have some tests in Angeles next week so I'll report back on the Hospital side of the building and see how it stacks up with my expections.


Borrego said...

That is a nice Hospital

Billie said...

Borrego, I've seen you comment a time or two on my blog. Welcome. I wish you still lived in SMA. How long have you been gone?

Don said...

Billie, I found this very helpful post this morning in a frantic search for info on good hospitals in Queretaro. My wife took a fall while jogging and dislocated a shoulder. With the assurance of your positive report we took a taxi to Hospital Angeles. We received excellent attention in the Urgencias section. She was treated with professionalism and care. Dr. Alvaro Ugalde reset the shoulder, with great success. Obviously a lot of pain is involved, but the people at Hospital Angeles did everything possible and succeeded in the end. We were out of there in only 2 hours total. Cost was very reasonable. Thanks for your helpful post that pointed us in the right direction in an emergency!

Billie said...

Don, I'm glad your wife is doing okay. Since I wrote this post we have had friends who were in the hospital Angeles for treatment and they have been pleased. Any problems with Spanish/English?

I'm glad that I was able to help.