Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Frank and Ellen's Visit

They weren't here long, but we packed the activities in for our friends, Frank and Ellen. We managed to schedule lots of walking, a San Miguel Procession, walking, a long Comida with entertainment, walking, shopping, walking, a couple of Mexican breakfasts, fish tacos at the Palapa and even a street fight for them. This was their first time in the interior of Mexico but I think they had a good time.

Frank is a photographer and we met on the internet in 1989 or 1990. He has been a mentor and dear friend to me ever since. So we had a great time with our cameras. Take a look at his blog entries from October 6 to the 8th to get his impressions both in word and image.

At any rate I haven't posted much during the last week but these images were made one week ago today with the Holga at the Feria in San Miguel de Allende. I still have a lots of Holga film to scan and work up from Sunday, September 30 and Tuesday October 2. When I'm shooting with the Holga, I do miss the instant gratification from a digital camera and being able to post them on the blog the same day.

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pitchertaker said...

It was so good to visit, and it was so good of you to arrange exciting entertainment. I just wish you had gotten it underway before we had gone to bed. We are such poor house guest, I mean, uh like, should been up there on the roof with you guys. But no, in a slightly acoholic stupor, we just stayed in bed and listened. What do we know from Spanish, so it was all just hollarin' and a sprinkle of rock. Actually I'm surprised we heard any the evening's activities. But it was extremely nice of Billie and Ned to stage for us an example of their colonia's culture. Thanks for a great visit....