Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Ever Growing Circle

We went to a party last night at Casa Payo. Sandy has been here making art for a few weeks and had to return to the USA so she threw a party.

I met Sandy in a life drawing class at the Instituto the first year we rented the Schofer house. I think that was eight years ago. We started talking and liked each other. We went out for dinner on the first week we met and we became friends. Another year we took a Warren Hardy Spanish class together and I think Warren wanted to separate us because we had too, too much fun but he probably didn't want to inflict either one of us on anyone else either so we stayed partners. She visited us in Houston. While we were buying a house in San Miguel and settling in, Sandy came and went. She wanted a studio space to work in when she came and she found Gerardo Ruiz and his wonderful studio. She would come to San Miguel for a month or a week or two and make art. Sometimes when she came I'd join her for a few days in the studio or maybe for a life drawing class.

She is really a dear friend but Sandy makes friends everywhere so last night I had the opportunity to meet some more people that Sandy has befriended here. Two of them were into a chef and the other a foodie and journalist. Fascinating women. I wish the party would have lasted twice as long because our conversations about sourcing out suppliers and what was happening on the food scene here were just getting started.

People ask, "What do you like about San Miguel?" This is it. Always meeting new and interesting people and some of them become very close and dear friends like Sandy.

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