Friday, September 07, 2007


Almost everyday I walk by the house that has these vines growing on the wall. On Monday when I was trying out the new Holga, I stopped to take the picture. The Virginia Creeper is a more yellow green and the English ivy is a blue green. In color, it is okay but when I changed it to black and white and adjusted the tonalities, it became interesting to me.

I used the Quadtone RIP to print a small print. Just about 5x5 inches. There is something so intimate about small hand-held images. This tiny print about nothing really, feels right in the small size.

I know that the trend is for ever bigger prints for gallery walls. Today I was talking with a friend about big prints and how the size changes everything about them even the way you adjust their tonality. Would this image command a presence in a large size? I don't know and then of course I have the problem that it is a Holga image to start with. How big could it be printed before it starts to fall apart?


Cynthia said...

I love this one!

pitchertaker said...

Well considering that the whole point of being an artist is to look at things in ways that tell us something new (at least that's one of the things that artist do). With that in mind, go with your strengths....


...with B&W film, of course.


Billie said...

Thanks Cynthia.
Pitchertaker.....This is color film.

On Flickr, Tommy said that with the vignetting of the white wall it looked like an alien egg with vines growing on it. I love the way Tommy saw it. I knew I like the image but now I see it as a bit surreal or a bit of science fiction. How cool is that.

Howard Grill said...

I really like the contrast between the darker and lighter leaves in this shot, as well as the white wall. With the Epson v700 I bet it would hold up just fine with the blur being whatever is induced by the Holga itself. Granted, given that the sharp part is surely not as sharp as it would be were it not a toy camera, I bet it still looks good because the 'sharp areas' will still be in contrast to the more blurry edges of the Holga frame. It should at least be worth a try.