Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I have to we went to Costco in Celaya. I know, I know.....I bragged about all the things we can get in Super Bonanza here in San Miguel but about once every eight weeks I have to stock up on paper products. Especially toilet paper and paper towels. I don't like the Mexican brands. The paper towels will not tear off and they just don't hold up to most tasks. The toilet paper.......well let's just say I don't like it. And there are a number of other things that we can get here but as long as we are in Costco, I can get them a little cheaper than I can buy them here.

One of my friends told me this morning that she stopped and ate at McDonalds when she went to Celaya the other day. I told her I was shocked especially since she doesn't take her grandchildren to McDonalds. I understand that sometimes an old craving can just get the best of you. So.....I have to confess that almost everytime we go to Costco, I have to have one of their hotdogs. I'm not sure but I think a Big Mac may be worse than a Hotdog. But like I say, I'm not really sure about that.


Tom said...

Aaaahh, life's guilty pleasures

wayne said...

We do the same thing when we go to Cancun shopping! In fact, we time Costco for lunch time just for the hot dog! The most appalling part though is that they don't sell these hot dogs inside the store so we can take them home and indulge in our guilty pleasure in private!

LeAnn from Merida said...

Had to laugh at your hot dog, Billie. You are becoming quite Mexican with all the condiments! You are only lacking the chili...I imagine a couple of more years here and you'll be throwing a few of those on too!!


Billie said...

Leann, I do like some spice but the pickles jalapenos just don't sit well with me. But never say never!

Wayne, I doubt I could wait until I got home....I mean Celaya is 30+ minutes from the house!

flolarry said...

I always thought the big appeal of the COSTCO do was the price.