Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Barking Dog

After about 10:30 PM our neighborhood is usually very quiet unless someone is having a party. Cars or trucks seldom go by the house. Sometimes if I am awake I can lay in bed and hear the trucks on the other side of town changing gears as they go up the hill toward Gigante. But just when we have company in the downstairs bedroom we had late night construction next door and to top it off on Saturday and Sunday night we had a barking dog. Not just a few barks but constant barking. Saturday night it wasn't too bad but Sunday the barking went on for hours and hours.

I know that I've written that barking dogs are something that are a part of San Miguel so I'll have to eat crow....constant barking ALL night was too much for me. Oh, I can deal with the nights when something is going on in the street and the dogs bark but nothing was happening.

Last night when we went to bed, all was quiet. A light rain was falling. Once I woke up during the night and just listened to the silence. In our whole colonia, I didn't hear a single dog barking or rooster crowing. No cars were passing by. Such a lovely silence.....until about 3:30 AM when the dog started in again. From our bedroom we couldn't tell which roof this dog was on. Ned slipped into some clothes and went out to see so that he could speak to the neighbor this morning.

He came back to bed and said it was Milo. Milo? The Milo who lives to the right of us? The Milo who has been around for several years? He has never done this before. How could they be sleeping in that house with Milo barking constantly on their roof? Wasn't he waking up the baby? I pulled the pillow over my head, thinking that Barbara is right, I need to get some earplugs.

By now, Milo was waking up dogs all over the Colonia. You could hear them barking several blocks away. I heard someone talking in the street. I think another neighbor must have gone to speak with Milo's family. All hell is breaking out now with dogs howling and barking everywhere. The talk with Milo's family must have done some good because in a few minutes Milo wasn't barking on the roof anymore and in about another five minutes the other dogs had settled down too. Silence again.

I have no idea what is going on with Milo but this morning he was sitting outside the front door of his house. I hope he has learned his lesson.


Babs said...

Hope there are NO more barking dogs tonight........so aggravating BUT I have a box of ear plugs in the cabinet if you want or need them........and they are lavender!

Anonymous said...

The thing that amazes me over in Xico (southeast of you) is we seem to be the only ones that are bothered by these acoustic invasions.

I can only guess that because noise is a way of life from the beginning; the locals simply DO NOT HEAR the noise - they sleep through it.

Remember when people put notes on their front door to not ring the bell because the baby was sleeping? Do you suppose there was ever such a note on a Mexican door? lol

Small price to pay for the benefits of Mexico Living - but it is a price - no doubt.

Juan Calypso