Sunday, July 15, 2007

Progress Report

This photograph is just a teaser. I'm not quite ready to show you my NEW AND IMPROVED patio. It is still a work in progress but we are close to being finished. Alfonso Alarcon and his muchachos have popped in and out for the past week getting the fountain running and putting in plants. It is looking good.

I'm really happy with the little fountain. I knew we needed to take out the old wall fountain but I wasn't sure what to do for a water feature for the garden. When I was back in Houston at one of my favorite gardening stores, I kept looking at some brightly enameled pots from China that were being used as bubbling fountains. If I could have gotten one of those big pots in the car on that trip, I might have done it but I couldn't and besides something about the idea of a pot from China didn't seem exactly right for my Mexican patio. Ah Ha! I saw the Cocucha pot that Rick and Deb used in their pond and I thought that something like that would be perfect. Totally Mexican. One of the objectives when we went to the Palm Sunday tiangus in Uruapan was to look for a Cocucha pot for my fountain. I found the perfect one. Just tall enough but still slender enough so it would fit the small pond. I wasn't sure how we could make it all work but between Memin, the albanil and Alfonso and his muchachos, it is running and we have lights in the pond so that it glistens at night.

I love how the water flows over it making it look like it is coated with running glass. And I love the soft bubbling of the water. It is very peaceful to sit in the patio and write in my journal.

This week Alfonso is coming back to "landscape" the terrace. I'll show you the whole project once we get it complete.


Anonymous said...

Billie - LOVE the fountain and the whole idea of the sound ad charm of one. We have a small store bought one here at Rancho Calypso (will it make it to Mexico???).

Clever idea with the pot - were you able to get a pump there in Mexico? Lights and all - oh my!


Billie said...

Juan, our largest local hardware store has the pump, underwater lights...everything. In fact we have found Don Pedro's to have almost as much stuff as Home Depot and better prices than Home Depot. Of course you go up to a counter and ask for what you want and they disappear into the back and come back with what you asked for...typical Mexican hardware store.