Tuesday, July 03, 2007

May I See Your License?

This is not the identification photograph of a criminal. It is Ned's new Mexican Driver's License.

He decided that he wanted a Mexican driver's license....after all we live here full time. So he found out the procedure and did it. Some people hire a Mexican to go with them and help with the transaction but Ned is a do-it-yourself kind of guy.

First of all you need to know what your blood type is. So Ned went to a medical lab and they pricked his finger, took a sample and in five minutes they gave him a report that said what type blood he had. Cost $50 pesos.

A day or so later he went to the Consultario run by the Department of Health to see a doctor to prove that his health was good enough to be able to drive a car. He went in and almost immediately was seen by one of the doctors working there. He had brought a report from his doctor in Houston covering his last check-up but the Mexican doctor said he didn't need it. The Doctor checked his blood pressure, listened to his heart, took his temperature, his weight, his height and had him read an eye chart. He recorded all of this on his report including the blood type. This took about 15 minutes and cost $30 pesos. Oh, and by the way, the doctor told him that he was in better health than many of the people he saw in the Consultario.

Next he went to the office of the Transito to apply for the Driver's License. He took along a copy of his Passport, a copy of his visa, and a copy of a tax receipt to prove where he lived. He also turned in an old Texas driver's license so he did not have to take a written test. They took his paper work, asked him some questions such as his name and address and then took his picture. They sent him around the corner to a State of Guanajuato office to pay the fee of $515 pesos for a 5 year license. He returned with his receipt from the State office and they gave him his Mexican Driver's License.

I had already been thinking that Ned had started driving like a Mexican but now it is official. Ned is a licensed Mexican Driver.


wolverinemx said...

:D congrats to ned....

Anonymous said...

That's funnnnny.

Anonymous said...

Most of the Mexicans I hang with in Xico don't have a driver's license (and never have) - yikes Ned you two are so official - congratulations ;-)

John Calypso

Tom said...

From the picture I would say that Ned, indeed has "Got Milk"

Anonymous said...

Driving like a Mexican....LOL. I'm sure he's quite flattered. As a former Californian, when I moved to Boston, I was horrified by the drivers here...no regard for the laws, weird moves (left turns from right lanes, etc.), and an incredible aggressiveness. Now, whenever I return from Mexico City, the Boston drivers seem to be a model of tranquility.

Best of luck navigating las callejones, carreteras y autopistas.


Kim G

wayne said...

I, too, have a Mexican drivers license. What a difference living in a small community makes! Mine cost me 30 pesos for an "official" photo, which had to be on a blue background. (my Mexican motorcycle drivers license is on the required green background!) A copy of my FMs, a copy of a utility bill, a copy of my Army discharge papers showing my blood type and they were typed and handed over. Oh, another 10 pesos to get them laminated. No muss, no fuss and certainly no health check or test of any kind. Sometimes living in a smaller community can be a good thing! (I think! I shudder at the thought of all the people "legally" driving without ever having to pass a test!)