Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Lost My Mexican Time

I like Mexican Time because for me it means taking the time to do what is important but sometimes I forget about Mexican Time. It happened this week.

I was walking into town headed for the wrought iron store with drawings in hand to get some quotes when I saw Gillian and Jerry. We stopped to talk. Then Jerry said, "Do you want to get some coffee?" I almost said, "Thank you, but I need to go to the wrought iron store now." WHOA! What difference does it make if I get to the store at 10 or 11 or noon. The store will still be there in an hour but I'd lose the opportunity to sit down and visit with friends.

So I turned off my "check things off the list" self and said, "Yes. Where can we go that is close by." We went and sat on the portico at the Instituto in wonderful soft lime green curvy modern chairs and visited.

I'm glad I remembered to switch to Mexican Time.


Cynthia said...

I need a good wrought iron store. Have these strange trundles that need something and I think wrought iron is it. Do you mind sharing the location?


Billie said...

Cynthia, I had found something that was almost what I wanted at the wrought iron store past Cinco de Mayo on Ancha de San Antonio so I'm trying to find out if they can modify it to my specs but I have another guy that we have used to make beds and windows that might be able to help you. Email me and we'll talk. My email address is down on the right hand side of the blog.