Friday, June 01, 2007

Texas Wildflowers

In Texas we are proud of our wild flowers, even leaving the road sides unmowed until the flowers go to seed so we can be sure that we have lots more of them next year. Where my son lives in Austin they have green belts throughout the subdivision and there is one right beside Doug's house that has a variety of wild flowers in bloom. We were sitting in the front yard watching the children play and I decided to get in a little play time too.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lady Bird - didn't she start a massive roadside wildflower campaign some years ago - I guess it is paying off ;-)

Billie said...

Yes, Lady Bird did and what a lovely legacy. She started a Wild Flower Research Center and Garden and that isn't too far from my son's house.

Anonymous said...

We have a couple driving up from Austin coming to look at the Earthship Tuesday. Here I thought the wildflowers around here would impress them ;-0