Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Playing Around

I don't know what it is about empty playgrounds but I like to photograph them. I don't think playgrounds are one of photography's recurring themes that Geoff Dyer writes about in his book, The Ongoing Moment but I've just realized that it is a recurring theme for me.
Yesterday I worked with several images from the playground at Parque Juarez and started wondering about this. Is it a longing for childhood? A symbol for the loneliness? Are just a response to the forms, light and shadow?

Photographing playgrounds has been a kind of unconscious response but maybe I should move them up to a higher level of awareness as to what is going on here.

One note about these images, they were made with a Holga lens cap on a digital camera. Most Holga color-negative images are low contrast, off color balance and more blurry. But once I get them into Photoshop, I just can't help myself, I gotta try and "fix' them. I think I'm finding that I get more of what I want if I start with regular digital images and work in the other direction. But I'm not sure about that yet either.

You know, when you get to be my age, you should have more answers and less questions.....just isn't working that way for me.

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