Sunday, June 03, 2007


One day while we were in San Francisco, I put the Lensbaby on the digital camera. The Ferry Building was just across the street from our hotel. I cropped this square and added some vignetting. I keep trying the Lensbaby because it could make life much simpler not to deal with film but it still doesn't look like a Holga image.


pitchertaker said...

I don't know that it ever will. It's like you need a Vasaline smeared filter over the Lens Baby to take away some of the detail and ad some quirkiness. I think the LB needs to always be at a very extreme bend to start to become effective. And not just bend side-to-side, or up-down. Choose carefully the plane of focus and then twist that little sucker as far as it will go. Doesn't matter if you clip a corner if you're going to crop it square later.


Billie said...

I played with the blur filter and that didn't do it either.