Monday, May 14, 2007


Yes, we are in San Francisco. The hotel, Hotel Vitale, is on the water and our room looks over the bay and the Ferry Building. It is really lovely. Another part of our 50th Anniversary Celebration. And we aren't through celebrating this milestone.

We haven't traveled by air much since 9/11 except to Mexico. Domestic travel is a zoo. At least it is out of the Houston Airport. The security procedures feel invasive if you were use to travel prior to 9/11. Not that I am complaining if that can make it difficult for someone to take over the airplane. The airport was so crowded there was hardly an empty seat around the gate. And the other thing that impressed me is that almost everyone was dressed as if they were enjoying a casual Saturday, not business casual, but wrinkled, rumpled Saturday.

We explored around the hotel after arriving yeserday afternoon including the Ferry Building. Today we hit the sidewalks. After breakfast we started walking and walked until about 3:30 PM....Chinatown, North Beach and Fisherman's Wharf. Tomorrow......we'll map out another day of seeing the town.

I'll report more about where we eat but from what I'm seeing the food here is fabulous and very creative even at the small places. Also the prices seem to be about 1/3 more than I'd expect to see in Houston. Lots of fish of course but also the portions are not Texas Super Size.

This is a fun trip.


Brenda said...

Do you think that maybe you just notice the dress more there because you are more used to the way people dress in Mexico?

Jerry M. Pine said...

Check out Tadisches Grill on California Street. It's just a few blocks up from your hotel. It's a great place, but try to get there a bit early. It's very poplular.


Anonymous said...

I think the way people dress in U.S. airports is slovenly by any standard. However, it's hard to justify wearing nice clothes to fly given the length of time one must stand in security lines, having to disrobe partially to pass through security, long layovers waiting for connections, likelihood of having to sit on the floor due to shortage of seats at the gate, etc.

Billie said...

Jerry, We did eat at Tadisches Grill even before I read your comment. Thanks for the heads up though.