Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Last night we spent the night in Laredo. Drove into Houston today. First stop was Central Market. I had sushi and Ned a sandwich. We are at our son's house and are connected again.

Isn't it wasn't that many years ago when I was talking with a computer nerd about the Internet and ISPs. It was very confusing and very difficult to do but he kept telling me that the Internet was going to explode our understanding of comunications. It all seems so long ago but it really wasn't. Now I get anxious when I can't get on line for a few days. It seems that computer nerd was right.

Tomorrow will be a full day. We have to hit the ground running to get in everything on our calendar.


pitchertaker said...


Glad y'all made it OK.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report - glad to know you made it safely in.

Have fun and take a LOT of pictures.


Claudine said...

awwwwww! Enjoy your time home! I am itching to get home to see family too (JULY, woohoo!!) and yes, do some shopping for those little things. I now understand why many American expats living in Mexico would go on about "getting home to do some shopping!"

Drats though! We were talking about coming to your neck of the woods (SMA) in 2 weeks. Looks like we will miss you.