Saturday, May 19, 2007

Epson Clearance Sale---or maybe not

Yesterday I received an email from Epson announcing that they were having a clearance sale. I went to the site to see what they had for sale and to check out the prices.

They have a refurbished Epson 4000 17-inch large format printer for sale for $1595. A little over two years ago you could buy this same printer new with discounts and incentives for about $1300.

B&H has the newer Epson 4800 also a 17-inch large format printer for sale for $1820.

And B&H has the even newer, although it can't handle roll paper, Epson 3800 17-inch large format printer for sale brand new for $1200.

Epson what are you thinking? You are selling four year old technology refurbished for almost the same price as the newer not refurbished 4800 which hopefully solves some of the ink delivery issues with the 4000 and has newer inks with a wider gamut.

I don't get it. If any of you can explain Epson's marketing plan to me, please comment.


Howard Grill said...

Abusive....yes, Look at the price they charge for ink! And what were they thinking when they made printers that had to waste $100 of ink to change from matte to photo black......they were thinking $$$$$$

pitchertaker said...

I'm surely not going to defend Epson, but having recently experienced a breakdown of an Epson 4000 and what it cost for repair, I can tell you it ain't cheap. Sent it in for "refurb" and Epson warrantees it as a new printer. In two years, that printer saw right at 10,000 print cycles. Refurb it and get another two years service. It has the advantage of no ink loss between photo black and matte black applications. But still they need to address the ink waste when switching between PK and MK inks. It has been improved for the 3800 and announced new models of 4800, 7800, and 9800 that will switch over with less ink loss. We shall see.


Billie said...

Frank, I don't know what "ain't cheap" is but this machine is still at least 2 years old. There are newer models by 2 generations. Regardess of whether this is a machine that had to be rebuilt from the ground up or one that had some minor problem and was refurbished, I still think $1600 in view of the cost of new machines it is a price that is out of line with reality. Of course if I were to go check the website again, someone may have bought it. hahaha

Anonymous said...

I am certainly not going to fight back Epson, but getting lately received a breakdown of an Epson 4000 and what it monetary value for repair, I can tell you it is not meretricious...
Epson T060

Anonymous said...

I want to buy the newest version of an older Epson 3800 printer. I live in San Miguel de Allende so where would I buy the printer, the cotton speciality papers, etc? John Long 152-7077

Billie said...

John, I'm not in SMA today but look up Epson Mexico and call them. They gave me the number of a dealer in Guadalara who had the Epson 3880 for sale. He may also have papers too. I bring mine down from the States.