Thursday, May 31, 2007

An Adobe Headache

I broke my own rule about never downloading beta versions or a new version of any software until it has been out for a while. I downloaded the Beta versions of Adobe's Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom. I enjoyed playing with them but now I have to pay the price.

I've bought the released versions of the software and I'm afraid to try to install them even though the beta versions have expired. I've been reading that some people are having problems with the installation over or after the beta versions. I've just printed out eight pages of TechNotes for troubleshooting installation problems with Lightroom 1.0 on Windows XP. I don't even want to look for the TechNotes for CS3 tonight.

I'm a computer user. I don't want to go looking for "hidden" files or repair registries. I don't know where they are and if they are hidden, I would have thought they were hidden for a I wouldn't find them. I like it when I can insert a CD and a little window comes up and asks me if I want to install this software, and will this be a good place to install it, and do you want an icon on the desktop. That I can do. But deleting programs, and moving and renaming files and looking for stuff that is hidden....that is a bit much.

Adobe you have crossed the line. I'm not testing anymore beta stuff for you again.

I can't deal with these two installations tonight but if you hear some ranting and raving coming from South of the border tomorrow, it will probably be me.


wolverinemx said...

1) First you need to uninstall the beta version

The steps must be:
Click Start, click Settings, click Control Panel, choose Add or Remove Programs, choose the program that you want uninstall and click the change/remove bottom.

Follow the instructions of the uninstall wizard.

Close all windows.

2) Second, Try to install the release version that you bought like you said.

I hope this help you.

Billie said...

Wolv, it seems to be a little more complicated. First you uninstall then you have to find some other files to delete. Then you are warned to backup your entire system because you could lose not just data but programs, registry, etc. and afterward run clean script which is a d/l from Adobe but before I could run clean script I had to go to Microsoft to d/l and install windows installer clean up utility AND then I could d/l the new full-version of the software. It took most of the afternoon but it is done and working for Photoshop CS3. I still have Lightroom to do.

San Miguel Photos said...

Billie, you do not need to follow all of the steps that were listed in the tech notes. The uninstall application of Win XP does it sufficiently. I had CS2 installed and the betas for Lightroom and CS3. For both of these installations all I did was to uninstall the beta version as described above and then installed the new applications. I have been doing them both since they were released in final mode.

But be aware there is a new ACR 4.1 that you will want to install for CS3 and there will be a Lightroom 1.1 being release asap, so be aware you have more work to do.


pitchertaker said...

Windows installer clean-up utility?

Where did you find this? URL?


Billie said...

URL for the windows cleanup utility

Go to for the link to d/l the clean script link from Adobe. It will not run if you don't have the windows cleanup utility installed.

If you just go to the Adobe site it is damn hard to find the clean script d/l.

Also there is a tech paper titled

Adobe Creative Suite 3
Prelease and Public Beta Testers-How to clean your system prior to installing final shipping software.

I don't have the URL for it but found it somewhere along the way while I was trying to figure out how to install CS3 after the beta CS3. But I guess you can do a search on Adobe's site for the tech paper.