Monday, April 23, 2007


The weather forecast said the temps would get to 98 degrees today.
Believe it! It was hot.

Tomorrow they say it will get to 100 degrees with scattered thunderstorms....we'll hope the scattered thunderstorms materialize.

The forecast says it will get down to 58 degrees at night....doubt it.

From about the middle of April to the middle of June is the hottest time of the year in San Miguel de Allende. Most of the year we sleep under a sheet and either a cotton blanket or in the winter a warming blanket. Right now, the ceiling fan is running and I'm sleeping on top of the sheets and maybe...just maybe....I'll slip under the sheets sometime in the early morning.

It is hot but it is a dry heat. Before the days of air conditioning in Houston, I can remember getting out of bed to sleep on the floor in a puddle of sweat. I remember visiting my Aunt in Dallas and if there was a breeze, it was a hot breeze. Here if there is a breeze it is a cool breeze.

So while I'm complaining about the heat in San Miguel, I've lived through much worse.


pitchertaker said...

Funny was in the mid-80's here yesterday. That's well, above normal for late April in these parts. I, too, remember trying to sleep in the puddle of sweat where I stays in East Texas. We never lived anywhere in those days -- you "stays" somewhere. Guess that's a hole-over from the depression era when people stayed with others because they couldn't afford their own place.


Billie said...

Ned told me that I read the wrong weather forecast and I'm sure he is right because he stays on top of things like that. So instead of 98, he says the temp was more like 89. Nevertheless, that is hot for here. And his forecast said something like 54 for the low....that one I still doubt.

As long as you are thinking about the old days in Texas, We have Texas friends coming over tonight for a dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cream gravy.

Babs said...

Well, we had lightning (lots) and a little thunder last night! PRAY for rain. It IS 61 right now and DID get to 91 yesterday (at least by my thermometer). Texas story - after Hurricane Alicia on August 18, 1983, we (the kids and I) slept in the foyer on the marble floor for 3 weeks til we got electricity back on..........give me DRY heat any day!