Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I'd never think of doing this in the USA......walking home with all these groceries. Here I don't give it a second thought.....well, sometimes I do, like last week when this load was kind of heavy. First I walked to the San Juan de Dios market and bought the chicken and then to Espinos and then home. I guess the heaviest things were 7+ pounds of chicken, a cantaloupe, a bottle of corn oil and a big jicama. Add to that all of the other things and it was heavy. One of the things I do when I go to shop is take my backpack and I use it for the heaviest things. It is easier to carry when it is on my back and not hanging from my arms.

Most days, we are only buying for the two of us for that day.....like two chicken breast, some zucchini, a loaf of bread and some tomato juice. I love only buying the vegetables that I'm going to use that day. And I love the fact that if I don't eat them that day the next day they are past their prime. You know in the USA, I could buy carrots that would last...maybe not indefinitely....but for a long time in the refrigerator. Here, in or out of the refrigerator, they won't last long. What this tells me is that these are local carrots and they aren't treated to hang around. I think that here in San Miguel we are eating more food that isn't processed or that has additives.

Although there are now two super market grocery stores in town where we could get in the car drive up to the door, shop, drive to our front door and not have all this walking and carrying, we don't do it. Maybe I would only have to shop once a week. It would be just like we lived in the USA. I can't believe I'm saying this but I prefer walking to two or three tiendas for what I need, shopping daily, and walking home with my purchases. Definitely a much healthier and much tastier lifestyle.


Babs said...

Your photograph is a beautiful still life!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I WANT your camera. Please understand this expression of envy does not take anything away from your expert compositions - but I am looking for a camera right now - and WOW that photo makes me KNOW what I can't afford ;-(.


stephanie said...

Just popped in...found you searching the blogoshpere for things colorful and Mexican. I have always wanted to visit San Miguel de Allende and we are actually planning a trip this fall.

Will be back to visit again...thank you!

Billie said...

Juan, If you want an SLR look at the Rebel XT with 17-85 IS lens (8MP)
Rebel XTi with 17-85 IS lens (10.1MP)
or if you don't need RAW capability and SLR look at the Powershop G7 (10MP)It is about 1/2 the price of SLRs.

Stephanie, I do hope you will keep popping in. Maybe we can connect this Fall.