Friday, April 13, 2007

Busy Stuff

First thing this morning, Alfredo, the iron worker across the street loaded a huge semi-circle iron bannister on the back of his truck and I expected to see the truck cab tip up in the air from the weight on the back end of it but it didn't. He and his helper tied it down and tied on a hazard triangle to the back five feet or so that was hanging off the back of the truck and they went off down the road.

Ned went to the bakery around the corner to get us some pan dulces still warm from the oven for breakfast.

I kept hearing rocks falling and when I looked out from the second floor window, one of the neighbors had gotten fed up waiting for the city to come repair the big pothole on the corner by our house so he was repairing it. I think he did a better job than the city has done several other times on this reoccurring pothole.

We could hear the chatter of a group of workers across the street waiting for the maestro to come and open the house that is under construction so they could go to work.

Several of the gas trucks had been by the house announcing over loudspeakers that they were on the street.

Neighbors had gone off carrying empty buckets and then come back with buckets full of milk for breakfast.

All of this before 8:30 AM

La Mascota, Taylor, has had an eye infection that we haven't been able to clear up so by 9:30 we were at Dr. Vazquez office. He checked Taylor out and decided that he needed a shot as well as an additional medicine to clear up the infection. The cost for the exam, shot and monthly flea medicine was 430 pesos. I never got out of the vet's office in Houston for less than $100.

Since we had the car out, we brought Taylor home and decided to go look at canterra to see what might be available for the fountain and the pot stands that we'll need for the patio remodel. Somehow, I always think that canterra will be expensive....maybe because it is heavy and it is all hand carved but it isn't. The pond for a fountain that is 36" interior and 15" deep with a carved design on the outside was less than $250. A carved stand for a pot was anywhere from $85 to $150 depending on the size and carving. And these were just the asking prices, we didn't even try to negotiate. Since we'll buy several pieces, I know that the prices will be lower.

Then we stopped at the nursery to look around at the plants that we might think about for the terraces and patio and I bought pots of oregano, thyme and sage. Somehow, I haven't been able to find fresh sage to cook with here but I have a couple of recipes that need it. Now I've got it.

Next a stop at Mega. It was only my third or fourth time in the store since it opened. I was surprised at the condition of the store. Here it has been open less than 1/2 a year and the floors look like a fork lift has been running over them....even up front near the front door. There are already cracks in the tile floors. This is something I just don't understand about Mexican commercial construction. It is like they build it without thought for the wear and tear and/or they do not allow for a proper cleaning and maintenance budget and/or they do not have facility managers to keep everything in tip-top shape. At any rate we picked up the three or four things we needed and headed home.

Right after we arrived back at the house, La Arquitecta stopped by to discuss some business and when she left it was 12:30 PM.

That was the busy stuff this morning. I know it is a hard job, but we'll do the best we can to keep up.

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Brenda said...

Keeps you hopping doesn't it? LOL
I haven't been able to find "basil" in any form down here and really miss using it.