Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Archive #8 - Acanceh

Acanceh is another small village outside of Merida in the Yucatan. Yucatan Living recently wrote about Acanceh and their Passion of Christ pageant so that made me go looking for some of my negatives of the village. This church was built on the ruins of a Mayan temple and with the stones from other Mayan structures around it. One Mayan pyramid still remains more or less intact, just almost across the street from this church. This church has a long barrel vault and I don't remember seeing this type of log bracing in the ceiling in many other churches in the Yucatan.

The day I made these pictures I was standing just in front of some scaffolding where men were working at repairing the ceiling of the church. You can see how high the ceiling is and they were hauling buckets of paint up from the floor by rope and guiding the rope between their toes since they didn't have pulley. Hey, the job had to be done so you do what you gotta do.


Babs said...

Boy those Spaniards were busy destroying every religious site the indigenous had......It's amazing that any pyramids are left. I wonder if there is another country with as many churches as Mexico!

Howard Grill said...

Great shot....I love the way the tones go from dark foreground to bright background, pulling your eye in!