Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Two Year Anniversary

March 17, 2005....just 698 posts ago, I started writing Billieblog. Almost 700 posts. Almost a post a day over the last two years. Amazing.

When I signed up on Blogger, I had to give the blog a name. I had thought about blogging but when I came to the place where I had to put the name, I just stuck in Billieblog, thinking I would come up with a better name and go back and change it but here we are two years later and it is still Billieblog. I've jotted down new names but the blog is such a mixed bag, I haven't thought of something better. Do you have any ideas? I'd appreciate having your thoughts on what to call this blog.

People ask me, how much time do you spend on your blog. You know what, I really don't know. Some days a lot and others none. The amount of time I spend isn't as important to me as the satisfaction I've gotten from writing it or the really interesting people I've met via Billieblog. But I have to tell you it is still disorienting when I met someone and they comment on something I've written on the blog. For just a minute, I did you know that? I haven't seen you in a week.

I've done some reading about how to make a blog more interesting and how to increase readership. There is a list of things I could make the blog have a single focus. Living in Mexico or Photography. I could split the blog into two blogs. I could change the name of it to something more catchy that would get more hits from a search. I could become more aware of key words and tags. I could be better about commenting on other people's blogs. But.....that sounds like work. That sounds like competition. And I don't think that would make my blogging more satisfying.

Nevertheless, to all of you who for one reason or another read this blog from time to time, thank you for stopping by. I glad you find my ramblings interesting enough to come back.


Jonna said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to your blog. I really enjoy it and check it almost daily. I always get a feeling of peacefulness reading it. Whatever the subject, it's always thoughtful and measured in tone. Of course, the pictures are wonderful. I think of your blog as an oasis.

Billie said...

Jonna, Thanks and maybe "Mexican Oasis" could be a new name for the blog!

JCarlos said...

Congratulations. I am mexican (living in USA) and I am a blogger (since january this year) and I like photography and your blog.

Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary!! I think I have been reading your blog almost from the beginning. You feel like an old friend, really miss your posts when you take a few days hiatus.
I have no ideas for a new name for your blog,I can't even think up a new one for mine. The name I have now was fine when I started the blog; but now our circumstances have changed and I think the title should reflect that change. Oh well, that's a problem for manana. Maybe in a month or so when I hit my 2nd Anniversary I will get busy and change the title.

La Gringa said...

Billieblog is a great name! I think you should keep it just the way it is.

I've also read the recommendations about having a single focus. I have thought about splitting out the gardening stuff to a separate blog and, like you, I just decided that sounded like too much work. Our blogs are about our lives, whatever that includes, and I think that's okay.

Congratulations on your 2 years and your amazing 698 articles. I think your blog is great and it's one of my favorite favorites.

Babs said...

Billie, please don't change a thing! You are part of my routine and also responsible for my blogging now - but, of course, not as skillfully as you. Your blog ranks up there with my morning coffee and reading the Houston Chronicle on-line.
By the way, I had an anniversary Friday also - my 6th in San Miguel! My time flies.........

John H said...

Hey, Billie--I'm with La Gringa and Babs. I think Billieblog is a great name, and I love your content.

A few thoughts:

1. For me, blogs are as much about the personalities of the blogger as their content. So more than one subject is fine.

2. Increasing readership is nice, but for me, compatibility is more important than quantity.

3. For most of us, blogging is fun. I for one want to keep it that way. So I'll write what I want the way I want. And what makes your blog so compelling is that you do, too.

Nancy said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I love your blog, and I love the mix of topics you present. That's you...a complex, interesting, multi-faceted I believe that it makes sense for your blog to be that way, too.

Whatever you call your blog, I will still be back to read it...

Anonymous said...

698 entries - WOW! I am only 2 months behind you in time (my two year anniv. is May 10th) and yet I am only at 490 entries. As competition would have it - I better get with it ;-)

I am with the crowd on the name BillieBlog says it all and fits.

It seems like we have 'known' one another longer than two years ;-)

Don't change a thing Amiga.


Billie said...

Oh, WOW. Thanks to all of you. I guess I'll just continue on into year 3 as unfocused as ever. LOL

I hope that during this year of blogging, I'll have the opportunity to meet some more of my readers face-to-face. And while I realize that my entries don't raise questions very often, I hope that more readers will leave comments.

Heather said...

I love your blog just the way it is. I come to hear stories about Mexico: the life, food, and your renovation stories. I love your photography and take on life. Congratulations on the milestone post.