Monday, March 05, 2007

Home Repair

People often ask about living expenses in Mexico. San Miguel is probably more expensive than many places in Mexico but at the same time we also have some pretty good repair people who have worked in the USA. Just this last week, Ned was standing in line at Don Pedro for some hardware/electrical repair items and a man handed him a business card that said Journeyman Electrician.

We have been finishing up our kitchen renovation and have called in several craftsman to help with small projects so let me give you a run down on what it cost.

Cutting window glass for eight doors for the kitchen cabinets. First they came and measured each door, then they went back to the shop and called us with the cost of the glass and installation including putting the molding back into the doors. Remember this is two trips to our house. $300 pesos/$27 dollars.

Moving an electrical contact which meant chipping plaster, moving the contact and then plastering it back in place. Checking out the new kitchen faucet for pressure. Repairing the washing machine. The part for the washing machine cost about $450 pesos. Total cost was $700 pesos/$63 dollars.

Installing 5 track lighting fixtures, rerouting the wiring so it was hidden under beams, rewiring one fixture so that it would have a separate switch and installing a new switch box. Did not include the cost of the lighting fixtures. Total cost $700 pesos/$63 dollars.

No house call charges, no travel time. Amazing, isn't it?

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