Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here it is!

The new kitchen and dining room are more or less complete. Still a few touches like the lights on the tracks and still tweaking where I'm putting things.

And putting stuff away has been a revelation. I had so little room for storage before the renovation that I was always standing on my head for this or that under the countertops. I thought with all the space I was adding I would have extra space and I was thinking that I would bring my Uriarte plates that I have stored in Houston to San Miguel. And the Gorky rimmed bowls that I call my enchilada dishes....they'd come too. But I'd have to do some rearranging to get them in. I really think that stuff just breeds during the night to fill up any storage space available. But actually, the storage space is wonderful and everything is very easy to reach. The storage space in the dining room worked out very well too. I have a narrow counter that I can set up as a bar or use for a buffet. And in the lower cabinets, I have a pantry, appliance storage, liquor cabinet and storage for large serving pieces.

It took a lot of thought and planning and a big chunk of time but I'm very happy with the way it all turned it.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering about the colors......I didn't loose my mind.....just remember that this kitchen is in Mexico!

Next project? Redoing the patio.......stay tuned.


Nancy said...

WOW! I love the color and I love the built in cabinets.

I bet it is a pleasure to cook in such a wonderful kitchen.

Howard Grill said...

Billie, It sure looks fantastic. In the end it surely was worth all the trouble. Enjoy!

harvestmoon said...

loose your mind? Al contrario! A mi me encanta los colores naranja con limon. together! :)

Very beautiful. Almost makes me want a stick house.

San Miguel Photos said...

Congratulations, it turned out great. I can't believe that you got it done before I completed my renovation out here.

Jonna said...

Billie! It's gorgeous! I'm devouring the pictures and wish I could blow them up larger.

The Gorky colors work exceptionally well. I love them but then my condo is painted in very similar colors.

The cabinets are luscious. I love the clerestory windows over the upper cabinets that throw light on the things up there. The built in cabinet is perfect, are there 2 different colors inside or is that the light?

Did I mention that I love the finish on the cabinets? and the granite?


Billie said...

Thanks to all of you. I'm glad you like the colors but I'm just taking off colors from the Gorky pottery that I love.

Jonna, the wall where the cabinets are built in was just a wall. We extended the stone column about 4 inches and the mason did a perfect job of matching it all so that it looks like it has always been that way. The bottom cabinets are only about 16" deep but it adds a lot of storage. The upper cabinets interiors are only one color.

The kitchen cabinets are alder wood and we just put a natural finish on them so that they would tie in with the coppery color in the granite. The alder is a hardwood but it is full of flaws. But I wanted a hard wood and something besides pine. We didn't add the celestery windows in the kitchen they were there but now that I have the cabinets under them, they really show up better.
Jonna, if you want to see them larger, you will find them in my photostream on Flickr

James said...

wow, it really paid off, all that waiting. Fantastic to see after so many useful and thoughtful posts.

Congratulations !!

Brenda said...

That is so beautiful. You must be really enjoying it. I love everything about it, it looks just perfect.

La Gringa said...

It's beautiful and I love the colors, too. Everything must have turned out wonderful in the end for you to be thinking of starting another project already.

Anonymous said...

We've enjoyed following your trials and tribulations on putting the pieces together for your major renovation. It looks great!

Makes me wonder, what will you do next?

JoAnn and Bill O.

Anonymous said...


You are a class act - GREAT job!


1st Mate said...

Magnifico! I don't think the colors are garish at all, they're soft and subtle. Love the seafoam green and the soft dusty rose (if that's what they're called). I'm so envious of all your counter space. Well worth waiting for!