Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First and Second Grade

Can you get the days of the week in Spanish lined up correctly? These first and second graders in a rural school near San Miguel can line them up in English. There is a lot enthusiasm.....learning English is fun!
But sometimes it is a little overwhelming.


Miguel Avila said...

wow, it reminded me of my 'Primaria' and 'Secundaria' years when I learned my first words in english... the last photo is great.

Heather said...

Great pics! Just this morning I brought my daughter into her YMCA morning care classroom (she's in PM Kindergarten at the public school), and they had a new rug for circle time. It had colors and then written on them the word in English and then repeated them again in Spanish.

wolverinemx said...

for those kids speak english is very interesting and in the future very useful.