Wednesday, March 28, 2007

City Limit Style

Austin City Limit.......move over. San Miguel City Limit has made a smashing debut.

Imagine a circus size tent rocking with Texas music here in San Miguel. That is what we had last Sunday. The tent quickly filled up with tight jeans, boots, straw cowboy hats, flippy skirts and tanktops. You could buy T-shirts, barbeque, pizza and beer. Sit in the tent or under the trees outside. This was laid back Texas style.

The program started at 3:00 PM with Darin Murphy. Darin was okay but he was winging his ballads solo and it would have been better with a back up band. Following him was Patricia Vonne with music that was a cross between Austin, Texas music and country with a strong splash of Spanish castanets thrown in. The place started dancing in place or down in front of the bandstand. And even if you didn't actually stand up to dance, no one could stop their boots from tapping or their shoulders from rocking. Gary P. Nunn was the headliner and did two sets.

I want to tell you that the "ex-pats" whatever their age know the Texas two-step and Texas swing. Whether you were a'dancin or a'watchin, it was a great event.

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