Monday, January 15, 2007


Shot Sunday morning with the holga lens on a digital camera.


Miguel said...

You are so fortunate...

Billie said...

Miguel, Interesting that you should say that. I just walked home from shooting at a friend's house and as I walked down the hill and across the town I was thinking the same thing.

Howard Grill said...

Billie, I had just been reading about Holgas, never having used one, and the Holga images I have seen (such as yours) have been so ethereal and emotive that I have been toying with the idea of getting one myself, though I am held back by the time limitations I have and by the whole idea of having to develop the film and scan the negatives. Then I happen to see Holga lens body caps at but was again hesitant because I didn't know if the results would be anything akin to a 'real' Holga. I see that you have had the opportunity to use both a Holga and a Holga lens on a digital camera. Is the digital version the one from the website I mentioned? How do you feel about the images you get with it compared to a film Holga? Does having the real holga with you change the way you look at things?

I just found your blog and am enjoying the images and posts!


Billie said...

Many thanks for your comments. Yes, I have the holga lens cap from I've just had it for a short time and I'm not sure how I feel about it compared to a film holga. But I have the feeling that I'm not handling the digital holga the same way I did the film holga. But I was at a different place when I started using a film holga. I'd been attached to a medium format camera on a tripod for about 10 years and the physical and mental freedom was just plain fun. I think I need some time to just go shoot with the digital holga before I can answer some of your questions.

BTW, I've tried a lensbaby also and I didn't feel the same freedom with it that I did with the film holga.

I have a three galleries at that is holga work that I've shown in galleries
Buffalo Bayou
Surreal Gardens of Sir Edward James.

Also if you do a search of my blog you'll find that I've written a number of times about holgas. Hope you'll visit the blog often although it is a mishmash of stuff in my life and not just photography.

Howard Grill said...

Thanks Billie...I will have a look at your Holga images on pBase as well..thanks.