Friday, January 26, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

In this post I was worried about Parque Juarez being able to host the Candelaria plant and flower vendors exhibition/sale starting the second of February because of all of the infrastructure/street repair going on all around it. Now I've heard it from several sources, the Candelaria Plant Sale is being moved to the big Parking Lot on Cardo because of the construction. It is a shame because everyone loved to go to the plant sales and walk along the meandering paths in the park under the shade of the trees and enjoy the riots of color.

Much more inviting than the parking lot.
I don't know how the Mexicans feel about this change but I can tell you that a few of the Gringos are upset. They seem to be taking it as a personal attack on the Gringos and they are writing on chat lines that this is a conspiracy to justify building the parking lot.

The number of cars, traffic and the parking problems that are happening in San Miguel are sufficient justification for building the parking lot. The growth and development of San Miguel are sufficient reason to do some serious work on the infrastructure.

Give me a break and lose the conspiracy theory mentality!


Anonymous said...

Do the people on the "chat lines" know that the parking lot was built by the pension plan of the State of Guanajuato who bought the land and built the lot.....the city of San Miguel did not spend the money to build the lot. Where is the conspiracy theory now? That is soooooooo ridiculous! These chat line people have waaaaaay to much time on their hands..........

Brenda said...

Good grief. What next??

John Wood said...

Well, Billie, I'm just grateful that there will be a Candelaria this year. Living one door away from Juarez Park, I usually go to the plant sale every day, if only to meet neighbors and enjoy the return of sunny, warm(er) weather.