Sunday, December 17, 2006

Traveling Heavy

We always say we are going to travel light when we head back to Texas. I don't know why that doesn't work. I carefully plan my clothes. One carry-on suitcase and an overnight bag. That isn't bad. Ned does the same thing. So now we have two suitcases and two small bags, camera bag.....well yes, I can't go anywhere with out the camera. Still not too bad.

But between that and leaving something happens. We decide we need the dog's crate because we are staying in a friends condo and we don't want him loose when we aren't there. Then there is the dog's bag with food, bowls, brushes, etc. And of course, we have to take the laptop. Another briefcase for the business files we "may" need. A backpack for some books....I can't go anywhere without some books in the car. An ice chest for lunch and some sodas.....well, okay a beer or two for Ned. A sack with snacks. Jackets and sweaters because you never can tell what the weather will be like along the way. And so it goes.

There is just one problem. When we come back all of this will come back with us plus my list of stuff to bring back. This time it is a long list. Thank God, Ned is a master packer.


Dwight Jones said...

Hi Billie,
I'm snowed in today and decided to check out the blogs while my old dog snores on the floor next to me. It looks like I'm finally right about one thing- your blog is worth spend some time reading. :-)

(I'm the guy who thought Holgas were just for women... I stand by my comment that Ham radio operators like swing-lens panoramic cameras because it satisfies the inner geek. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Billie -

Drive safely. The traffic on I 35 heading south has been horrible the last few days.
Have a great trip and a wonderful holiday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Billie - We always travel heavy down to Mexico and light back - at least that has been the pattern so far.

Have a safe and fun trip visiting the kids and such. We will enjoy Christmas here in Xico.

Juan Calypso

Billie said...

Thanks to all of you. We are here in Houston.
Dwight, Glad you like the blog. It is a mix of stuff not just photography but I hope you will keep checking back for the photos.