Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Take Out

Since we still don't have a working kitchen, we are eating out or doing take out. There are several places just a few doors from our house in Colonia San Antonio.

Tonight it was tamales from the door just on the other side of the barber shop. I had a tamale with red sauce and cheese. Another with a green sauce and pork. And a sweet tamale. It had some strawberry sauce and raisins. Ned stuck with the tamales with meat and sauce. They are so good. Just the right combination of masa, sauce and meat. Better than we get in Houston. The masa here is coarser and lighter. That may not make sense but in Houston the masa is finer and seems more like a wet dough.

The house next door to us sells tripe tacos and sometimes on Sunday Menudo. I have to admit that we haven't tried the tripe tacos but lots of people stop there to buy them. Sometime the people do take out and sometimes they sit just inside the door or outside or in their cars to eat. It is a favorite of the SAPASMA guys who work at night. That is our water department. We think that maybe these tacos are so good that the water guys just don't quite fix the water leaks in the streets so that every few nights they will be called out and they will have an excuse to stop in for tacos. We have had the Menudo and it was good.

This is the car wash during the day and a restaurant at night. We can get great quesadillas, gorditas, tacos and a few other things. They always have about five or six fillings for these tasty treats. The quesadillas with pork and green sauce is pretty spicy but they are some of the best quesadillas I've ever eaten.

Juanita's Pizza is just around the corner. Really good thin crust Pizza, good salads and good lasagna with either spinach or meat sauce. One night this week we shared a cesar salad and a meat lasagna. It was enough for two.

It is nice to live in a neighborhood with so many conveniences.


Anonymous said...

What GREAT photos - what I dislike is how you tease us with the first photo that we can ENLARGE and then no others to make BIG! OUCH!

Even small they are terrific Senora.

Your picture viewing admirer,
Juan Calypso

Anonymous said...

Yum! Makes my mouth water!


La Gringa said...

I love the doorway photos, too. Hopefully I will learn something from your photos.

Most Honduran tamales seem very wet to me, too. I think they boil them instead of steaming so the tamales fill up with water.

Billie said...

Thank you all. I really should do more night photos. Juan, I'm sure there is some way to make it possible to make all the photos larger but I just haven't taken the time to figure that out. One of these days because you keep asking. Deb, yes, the food is delicious and the next time you are in SMA you'll have to try some of our neighborhood eateries. La Gringa, they do steam the tamales here and they are really some of the best I've had. The house down the street makes a good combination of filling to masa.