Monday, December 11, 2006

The Holga Vision

What is it about a Holga Camera that lets a photographer see just a little differently? This question came to mind this morning while I was looking at the website for Photomedia Center's 2006 Holga Show.

Almost all of the images in the show are square. The exceptions are several panorama images that are double, triple or more continuous exposures on the film strip. But that isn't enough to make the difference.
Is it because the Holga almost feels like a throwaway camera, so we tilt and point and click?
Is it because we just choose different subject matter with the Holga in our hands?
Is it because we know we may have light leaks so we stop worrying?
Is it because we have almost no control over the camera?
Is it because the person we are photographing doesn't feel intimidated by equipment and plays along with the image making?
Is it because the lens is plastic?
Is it because we will probably get vignetting?
Is it because the colors are a little distorted or grainy?
Is it because the image often looks like something from an old photo album?
Is it because the image may not be sharp anywhere?

What do you think? What about the Holga seems to encourage a different vision?

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