Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Exterminator

Yucatan Living blog had an entry about insects in the Yucatan and it reminded me of an insect or two we found in our house when we bought it. Yes, we saw a few roaches and a scorpion or two. Yikes!

So I asked around about exterminators and we do have exterminators here in San Miguel. I called one of them that a friend had used and he came over.

After opening a few cabinet doors, he started telling us how serious the situation mind you we had only seen one or two roaches scurry when we turned on the light but we knew that we needed to do something before those two started having babies.

The exterminator grew very serious. He asked us what color the scorpions were. We said brown. He grew even more serious and told us that those were the worst kind. He said that he had to use very expensive chemicals that he imported from France and it was going to cost us $40 and then he would have to come back every couple of weeks to retreat for a while to be sure that the roaches and scorpions were gone.

Ned and I looked at each other and surpressed our giggles. We thanked him for his time and showed him to the door.

Hey, we are from one of the roach capitals, Houston, Texas, semi-tropical Coast of the Gulf of Mexico. We know a bit about roaches.

Ned bought Home Defense from Home Depot and sprayed the kitchen and where we had seen the scorpions. He has sprayed a few times since then. We don't have roaches or scorpions.

Hummmm.....imported chemicals from France? Treat every two weeks for a while?

We may be gringos but we can recognize a scam.

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1st Mate said...

Not to speak of the fact those French chemicals could render your house uninhabitable. I'm sure the exterminator has developed quite a good spiel for the bug-terrorized gringos.