Friday, December 15, 2006

Digital Holga

For almost nine months I've had my holgas sitting in boxes along with film and along with the chemistry to process black and white film. I haven't used a holga during that nine months. I haven't even loaded one roll of film in one of the cameras. Lazy? Probably. But the thought of loading the camera, taping it up, unloading, processing the film and then scanning the film, all of this before I can even start to look at what I have on the film. It just seems overwhelming.

But there are things that are just calling to me...."Shoot me with the Holga." I've tried the isn't a holga. I've tried software that is suppose to make a regular image look like a holga individualism about that. I've tried to Photoshop digital files to be a holga.....still not a holga.

I had been looking at finding a way to use a holga lens on my Canon 5D. I found that Holgamods has mounted a holga lens on a Canon lens cap but lens caps don't "lock-on" on like a lens does and that worried me. What if it fell off and I got dust in the camera.

But after seeing several images like the one above by Ted Orland, in a gallery on Holgamod's website, I ordered this lens/lens cap assembly last night.

This morning I read that it is least in Kansas City.....that you can't get professional film processed after January 1, 2007. As it becomes more difficult to find a place to process film how much longer will we even have film to process. How can this be happening so fast? If I can get the film, I could process it in my little daylight tank but I can't process medium format color negative film.

So, I'm really hoping that this holga lens assembly is going to work on the 5D. I need a digital Holga. Keep your fingers crossed.

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