Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Digital Holga III

I've got it.......A Holga Lens on my digital camera. Took the camera with me today and just made a few snaps. Not sure about it yet. This is a square crop to make it look like my square holga.

You can see how the full frame is going to smear the edges. This is just a crop.....not a true square. It is going to take some shooting so the lens can tell me what kind of subject matter it wants.

There is one other issue. I haven't been able to figure out how to adjust the exposure except a -2 exposure compensation. Changing the aperture doesn't change the exposure. Changing the ISO doesn't change the exposure. This is on the 5D. I've been told that both of these adjustments work on the 20D with the Holga lens cap. When I get back to San Miguel, I'll see what happens on the Canon 10D but then I have to contend with the 1.6 lens factor.

Update: Finally had time to play with the lens on the 5D some more instead of slapping it on and rushing off to take pics. I was starting from the assumption that the lens was f8 but it isn't. It is f4-f5.6. So now I realize that the metering does work and I can adjust the ISO as well. Duh!!

And once again I apologize if the tonal range and color are off. I just can't tell on this laptop monitor so I'm trying to work with the numbers in Photoshop.


pitchertaker said...

Sounds to me like you're going to be shooting more in "Manual" mode where you should be able to vary the exposure all you want. Tell me, what "f/ing stop" does the Holga lens shoot at?


Billie said...

The holga is suppose to shoot at f8 and 11 but I had one modified to shoot at f5.6. Just off the shelf I've never found them to shoot at anything more than one f stop but from Holgamods, Randy seems to be able to make them have 2 f-stops.