Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Wisdom says that we raise our children to be independent people and I guess most of us succeed in that but that doesn't mean that we, as parents, ever really let go. They are always our "kids." Doesn't make any difference if they are parents themselves, or Project Managers, or CFO's, or business owners. We still feel responsible for them. We want to keep them safe. And then if they become parents, that feeling is extended to our grandchildren.

I can't begin to imagine what my friends, Phil and Sandy Fleming have been through in the last week. You may have seen the story on TV about James and Kati Kim and their two young daughters who disappeared in bad weather in Oregon as they returned from a Thanksgiving trip. Kati is Phil and Sandy's daughter. Kati and the girls were rescued yesterday but the search is still on for James who set out on foot for help. I know that Phil and Sandy will not rest until all the family is back together again.

Both Phil and Sandy are photographers. I have one of Sandy's images on my wall. I keep seeing the image and saying a prayer for James.

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Anonymous said...

Hola Billie:

I have been foloowing that story as we lived in that area of Oregon for 17 years. I can tell you they are (were) in rough terrain this time of year. It is soooo easy to get lost.

I think I read that your friend may lose a toe from frostbite?

Her missing husband is in our prayers.