Monday, November 20, 2006

Spanish to Spanish

Just because two people are speaking English to each other doesn't mean they are communicating. The same lack of communication can happen with two people speaking Spanish to each other.

Raul was scheduled to start on the floors on the Terrace and in the new kitchen/dining room space today. But today is a National Mexican Holiday, Revolution Day. When we realized this last week, Ned called la arquitecta to ask whether Raul would come on the holiday. She said she would check with him and call us back. Yes, he was coming on Monday at 9:00 AM.

This morning we were up and had done some rearranging of furniture so that they could start in the kitchen/dining room. A few minutes after 9, Ned saw Raul in his truck outside but he didn't come in and didn't come in. Finally he rang the bell and asked if la arquitecta was here. Ned told him that we weren't expecting her but we thought that he was going to start today. No, he wasn't planning on starting today. It was a big holiday and his muchachos were at the fiesta.

After a phone call to la arquitecta, the confusion was resolved. They had talked but not communicated. La arquitecta thought he was going to start today. He thought he was meeting her here to pick up the anticipo or advance payment for the work.

All is resolved now. The anticipo has been paid, Raul and the muchachos will begin tomorrow and la arquitecta will meet them here in the morning. At least that is what we think the communication was. We'll find out for sure tomorrow when we see what happens.


Jon of SMA said...

Billie, we had a similar experience today, we were suppose to have the natural gas guy fill our tank on Saturday. He called to say he was out of gas and could not get anymore that day so he would come Monday first thing.

We asked if he really meant Monday as it was a holiday and he said yes. I said to Jo Ann, who is going to get him gas on Monday but being trusting souls we thought maybe he would show. We called today at 9 and he told us no he would not be out this morning, but maybe later today, say around six. So we shall see what happens.

Anonymous said...

In Mexico family is first; celebrating is second; church is third and work is fourth - always has been - and probably always will be! And no is not in their vocabulary.........

Billie said...

Barbara, I know that so that is why when we realized last week that Raul was scheduled to come on a Holiday, we asked our arquitecta. We thought that two Mexicans communicating about the schedule would figure it out. Nope. But what the heck, it's a HOLIDAY! LOL