Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Path to Happiness

Researchers are saying that they may be on to how people can make themselves happier. It is pretty simple. No prescriptions from the pharmacy just an exercise every night. Think of three good things that happened during the day and analyze why they occurred.

My list for today:
  • Waking up in the morning in a warm bed. No alarm clock. No jumping up to get on with the day. Just dreamly looking at the dawn and lying in the luxury of retirement.
  • A wonderful breakfast cooked by mi esposo.
  • Connecting with family and friends via the internet.
  • Having chicken from Pollo Feliz for comida. It was delicious.
  • Walking down the hill and up the hill. Feeling the strength of my legs carrying me where I wanted to go.
  • Seeing the first Christmas lights go up in our street.
  • Having the garbage truck come today when they didn't come on their regular route yesterday.
  • Standing in a hot shower. Hot water flowing over my body feels so good.
  • Looking out the window toward town...a blue sky over this beautiful colonial town.

Oops more than three. Well I didn't analyze them but I really am a happy woman.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

It's not hard to be happy here is it? We enjoy every day with big smiles on our faces.